Watch: Biden Handlers Cut Feed When Asked About US Actions After Aug. 31 Deadline

Deep State handlers know Biden not mentally capable of conveying specific US foreign policy actions

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Joe Biden’s mic was cut off during a highly-controlled Q & A session with the media Wednesday over his handling of Afghanistan and the subsequent evacuation of American citizens.

A reporter asked Biden: “If Americans are still in Afghanistan after the [Aug. 31] deadline, what will you do?”

Before Biden could answer, his mic turned off, and the televised feed cut out shortly after that.

Biden’s remarks have been more tightly managed through short press conferences and pre-selected media questions – if he takes any questions at all – following his now notorious June remarks promising that Afghanistan won’t fall to the Taliban.

Former President Trump released a devastating political ad using Biden’s own words against him regarding Afghanistan.

The addled mind of Joe Biden blurted to a gathering at the White House that “pretty soon” Kamala Harris will be president.