Watch: Biden Regime ‘Mass Releasing’ Male Illegals Into US

ICE moving busloads of single illegals to airports to fly around U.S.

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Bill Melugin.

The federal government is releasing large numbers of male illegal aliens into the United States, according to reports.

Bombshell footage released by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin shows busloads of adult migrants being unloaded at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas, where they were picked up and taken to a local airport to hop flights around the country.

“There are black tarps set up around the parking garage to obstruct the public’s view. In a statement, the city of Brownsville confirmed to me that they use this spot to work with the federal government to facilitate travel for the migrants released from federal custody,” Melugin reported on Tuesday.

As Melugin points out, most single adults who illegally cross into the U.S. should be promptly expelled under the Title 42 CDC order issued at the onset of the COVID crisis.

Independent journalist Ali Bradley corroborated Melugin’s reporting, saying ICE is conducting similar drop-offs at other locations in Texas.

“They are also dropping them off at the airport in San Antonio on NTAs with OR (own recognizance) they might have a cell phone or an ankle device to keep track of them until they get to their destination,” Bradley tweeted.

Some of the migrants reportedly spoke to Fox News, saying they had paid around $2,000 to cartel smugglers and planned to fly to cities such as Miami, Atlanta, and Houston.

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