Watch: Black Teens Destroy Local McDonald’s, Steal Cash Register Amid Juneteenth Celebration

Video shows total chaos inside LA fast food joint as black youths emancipate store's registers of cash.

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Teenagers taking part in a Juneteenth celebration in Los Angeles, California, ransacked a nearby McDonald’s restaurant filming as they looted, attacked workers and trashed the joint.

The chaos unfolded Monday at the Juneteenth Festival in Leimert Park, as a large group of black youths broke off from the main event and descended upon the McDonald’s restaurant located nearby.

In a disturbing scene captured on video, the teenagers engaged in looting, physically assaulting employees, and causing extensive damage to the establishment.

Thieves also made off with cash registers, with footage showing one teen smashing a register open before a gang of teens immediately swarms the stolen money.

The devastation was incredibly severe, prompting comparisons on social media to footage of a McDonald’s in war-torn Kiev, Ukraine.

A performer at the Leimert Park festival was forced to cancel when rumors of gunshots caused a stampede to break out.

According to news site LA Taco, an LAPD spokesperson reported that “upon arrival, officers determined…there was no evidence of a shooting.”

Overall, just another day in Biden’s America!

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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