Watch: Brazen Robbery at Ulta Beauty in Chicago

Police say shoplifters nabbed $10,000 in merchandise in brazen daytime robbery.

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Customers of a beauty supply store in Chicago were stunned Saturday when they found themselves in the middle of a brazen daylight theft.

Footage shot by a customer shows a gang of three thieves ransacking Ulta Beauty near Chicago with garbage bags, pilfering thousands of dollars worth of expensive merchandise.

“Look at this! Wow. Insane,” a customer filming says as a loud store alarm goes off. “This is in the middle of Ulta, right now!” 

The thieves made off with high-end luxury brands such as Armani and Dior, as seen in the video.

Police say in all the shoplifters nabbed $10,000 in merchandise and “the incident is being investigated as retail theft,” reports ABC 7 Chicago.

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