Watch: Cartoon Alex Jones Eats His Neighbors, Sends Bill Gates To Hell

How much longer till you reach Alex Jones-level hunger?

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Editor’s note from Alex Jones:

To be 100% crystal clear, the last thing on Earth that I want to see happen is for a single solitary hair on Bill Gates’ head to be harmed. It would be absolutely terrible for the pro-human anti-eugenics movement if the Chief Science Officer of the New World Order planetary depopulation program got hurt, because that would turn this truly diabolical man into a martyr. It’s Bill Gates’ ideas that need to be exposed, piece by piece, and dismantled. It’s his history and his actions, and the powerful group of robber baron foundation money that is deploying this Hitler 2.0 program of forced sterilization by way of mandatory sterilization vaccines.

A hilarious animated short by Infamous Animations depicts cartoon Alex Jones losing his mind during the coronavirus lockdown, where he resorts to “eating his neighbors” and hunting Bill Gates.

From Alex Jones: And this final point is most important: it is Bill Gates that is violently and aggressively trying to force his will onto the entire planet, 7.5 billion people, with dangerous and untested vaccines that have a record of causing incredible illnesses and death. It is Bill Gates coming, not with a gun, but with a needle. The entire planet is now becoming Bill Gates’ laboratory. He is the mad scientist in control and we are the guinea pigs in a cage. This is beyond slavery. This is medical tyranny, the favored model of the Soviets, the Nazis, and other authoritarians throughout history. This is not a drill. This is not a game. This is the New World Order depopulation program coming for you and your family. You have been warned.

We believe this animator is talented, but we have no affiliation with him, and do not want this animated short to be mistaken as us supporting any violence against Bill and Melinda Gates; because researching the hyper-organized psychopath brain of Bill Gates, it’s clear that he and his cohorts will probably stage some type of event against themselves to play the victim.

Alex Jones responds while trending #1 on Twitter about eating his neighbors.