Watch: Cenk Uygur Urged Trans Americans to “Get Guns” Just Days Before Nashville Mass Shooting

'If anyone should get guns it should be trans Americans,' said The Young Turks show last week.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur encouraged transgender people to go out and buy firearms just days before a deranged female-to-male transgender person shot up a Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children.

Uygur made the comments during a recent segment addressing remarks from Fox News host Tucker Carlson critical of NPR’s positive coverage of transgender people owning guns.

“I don’t like guns. I would ban assault weapons in a second. We can go on and on about the gun control we need in this country. And I always tell people, ‘Don’t get guns, it’ll make you less safe,’” Uygur said.

“I’m gonna make you an exception here – for trans people.”

The far left host went on to claim transgender people need the firearms to protect themselves from violence, which he claimed they’re experiencing at a higher rate.

“They are actually in danger. They have had hundreds of laws passed against them. They have right-wing media ginning up fear against them 24/7. They’re targeted more than any other group in America. And if anyone should get guns it should be trans Americans.

“Because I’m worried for them. I’m worried the right-wing lunatics are going to attack them,” he claimed.

Of course, just three days after the segment, 28-year-old transgender individual Audrey Hale was identified as the suspect who killed three adults and three children at the Covenant Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee, Monday.

In the segment Uygur criticized, Carlson was noting how the typically anti-gun NPR was overhyping the threat of violence against transgender people to encourage them to arm themselves.

On social media, the trans movement has observably become more militant with many displaying threatening shirts and signs saying, “Trans Rights or Else,” featuring firearms that seemingly advocate violence.

Will media outlets like The Young Turks disavow their previous comments urging trans people to arm up as trans terrorism appears to be on the rise?

Watch the full TYT segment, still available on YouTube, below:

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