Watch: Climate Change Protesters Try to Crash Swedish Dance Show — Camera Man Nails Them With Crane!

Clever camera jib operator used overhead rig to slam into activist whose vision was obscured by flag he was carrying.

Image Credits: infowars composite.

Leftist eco-activists protesting climate change during a Swedish dance show were foiled when a crafty cameraman swung his camera’s crane into them.

Footage from Friday night’s taping of “Strictly Come Dancing” shows the moment climate activists stormed the stage and interrupted a dance routine by releasing yellow powder paint into the air and displaying a flag reading “Restore Wetlands.”

While one of the activists’ vision was obscured by the flag he was carrying, a clever camera jib operator used his overhead rig to slam it smack dab into him.

The incident was caught on camera from multiple angles, including by a cameraman who was following the protesters:

“The weight of the equipment sends the activist flying, with footage from the camera itself showing its full force,” reports the

The activists were then quickly swept off the stage by security.

The Mail reports one of the activists, Tina Kronberg Berggren, who has in the past been involved with Extinction Rebellion climate activists, later filmed a message complaining about her protest being thwarted.

“We want nothing more than to have fun and I also love to dance. But my future will be anything but full of fun,” Berggren reportedly stated.

“The situation is so urgent and we cannot sit in the audience and just watch when our lives are threatened by climate collapse.”

A spokesperson for the group Restore Wetlands, Roxy Farhat, also took credit for the botched demonstration, claiming it was necessary to draw attention to the so-called “climate crisis.”

“We are heading for a climate collapse and our politicians are only making the crisis worse by not acting. We are the last generation that has a chance to stop this death project,” Farhat stated. “We have been demonstrating for 30 years, but the politicians don’t care.”

After Friday’s incident, three individuals were questioned by police for suspected vandalism, according to The Telegraph.

Restore Wetlands activists also staged another poorly executed protest during a Eurovision performance earlier this year.

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