Watch: CNN Host Shocked Conservative NFL Legend Brett Favre Supports Vaccine Choice

"I think that's a matter of choice by all individuals and that's why we live in America," he said of Covid vaccines.

Image Credits: MRCTV Twitter Screenshot.

Retired superstar NFL quarterback Brett Favre was ambushed by CNN last week during an appearance to discuss the health hazards of young children playing tackle football.

Switching the topic from youth tackle football, CNN anchor Kate Bolduan asked Favre why some athletes are not getting vaccinated.

Bolduan mentioned Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins as one example of a player who is refusing the jab.

“Why do you think there is still a struggle among some athletes, especially when people look to them as role models when it comes to the Covid vaccine?” she asked Favre.

“Well, there’s a great deal of uncertainty,” the Packers great said. “You hear one thing one day and you hear something totally different the next. So, we’re sort of the human trials if you will and I think some people feel are frightened by that and the conflicting info that we’re all getting.”

Responding with a confused look on her face, Bolduan shamelessly hawked the shots, claiming, “But there isn’t really conflicting info that the vaccine is safe, effective and needed and is a public health matter.”

“Would you urge your current players to be getting a vaccine, I mean, have you been vaccinated?” the CNN host awkwardly asked.

Smart enough to avoid a storm of haters judging his personal decisions, Favre told Bolduan, “I’d rather not say one way or the other, but I think it’s not my place to say, ‘Get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine,’ I think that’s a matter of choice by all individuals and that’s why we live in America.”

Failing to understand Favre’s common sense approach, Bolduan asked, “You yourself, you don’t want to say, which I respect, but you don’t trust the vaccines?”

After putting words into the Hall of Fame football player’s mouth, the CNN anchor patronized him by saying, “The advice of every health official from the top down, from local doctors to the government to the best scientists in America and beyond have said that coronavirus vaccines are safe and the only way to make it out of this pandemic.”

These blindside reporting tactics are one of the many reasons many people don’t want to do interviews with mainstream media outlets and why so many citizens don’t trust them.

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