Watch: Cop Rescues Unconscious Man From Burning Car

Lifeless man saved by officer administering CPR

Image Credits: Screenshot / Phoenix Police.

Phoenix police have released stunning footage of an officer rescuing an unconscious man from a burning vehicle last week.

The incident was captured on body cameras worn by cops at the scene of a crisis in a residential neighborhood on March 25.

“The information on the call there was a car that crashed into the front yard and the car was on fire and there was somebody trapped inside,” Officer Joel Kaminsky told local media.

Officers Kaminsky and Rudy Castillo responded to the scene, finding a small SUV in flames on a grassy patch alongside a road.

After Kaminsky unsuccessfully attempted to shatter the driver’s window, the officers secured a fire extinguisher from a local resident and used it to break the glass.

The unconscious man was dragged to safety, but did not register a heartbeat until one of the officer’s administered CPR.

“It was pretty exciting to see that it was working, and you could see signs of life coming back to him when initially when we had contact there was no signs of life,” said Officer Kaminsky.

The man is currently in recovery, according to reports.

“In situations where we don’t have time to hesitate, our training kicks in, and that could mean the difference between life and death. The driver in this incident continues to recover at the hospital,” Phoenix Police said in a statement.

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