Watch: “Covid Clots Town Hall” Exposes Deadly Jabs, Provides Platform For Doctors, Victims & Families

Learn about the true dangers connected to the shots and find out how to actually treat Covid

Image Credits: full measure sharyl attkisson screenshot.

Five-time Emmy Award winner journalist Sharyl Attkisson hosted a “Full Measure Town Hall” event on Tuesday where doctors, patients and family members spoke out about the underreported dangers linked to Covid shots and the medical establishment’s attacks on safe, cheap Covid treatments.

Attkisson was joined by medical experts Dr. Pierre Kory of the “Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance,” Dr. Patrick Whelan of UCLA Health and Dr. Jordan Vaughn, who runs a “Long COVID Clinic” in Alabama.

The journalist also spoke with several patients of the doctors, allowing the vaccine-injured individuals to finally share their jab horror stories with the world.

Many of the experimental shot victims detailed how alternative treatments vilified by mainstream media, Democrat politicians and the medical establishment helped them recover.

One woman said within two weeks of being treated, she felt like she had “risen from the dead.”

The nearly hour-long town hall event is filled with explosive testimonies and expert opinions mainstream media outlets would love to silence.

Watch and share this link to help spread the word and save lives.

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