Watch Creepy Joe Biden Cough On Schoolchildren, Ask Young Girl, ‘What’s The Matter Baby?’

Corrupt Democrat leader welcomes students on first day of school in signature Creepy Joe fashion

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

Joe Biden, the senile puppet president installed by the American Deep State, was filmed walking around maskless and coughing all over schoolchildren on Monday before creepily asking one young girl, “What’s the matter baby?”

It’s ironic that Biden was filmed repeatedly coughing into his hand as his political party is currently engaged in a new fear campaign regarding the return of Covid-19 this fall, recently calling for all Americans to get their updated mRNA jabs.

In another video, Biden holds a young girl’s hand and tells her she can be president one day before addressing a class.

Biden told the students, “The hardest thing I think is when you come back…” but his train of thought was interrupted by a girl in the front row and he asked, “What’s the matter baby? You look at me like ‘I don’t want to be…’”

The kids laughed at the awkward moment and Biden continued, saying, “The hardest thing is to come back after three months of not doing any work, any homework, and all of a sudden everybody has a lot to catch up on what the end of the last year…”

At one point, Biden was photographed brushing a student’s cheek with the back of his hand.

The face of the Democrat Party coughing in and touching students’ faces amid an alleged uptick in Covid cases and left-wing media will completely ignore the creepy Manchurian candidate’s antics.

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