Watch: Crips Gang Members Arrested for Smuggling Illegals in Truck

Texas police catch armed gangbangers transporting illegal aliens

Image Credits: Screenshots / Texas DPS.

Police in Texas apprehended two members of the Crips gang suspected of smuggling illegal aliens in the back of a box truck, according to reports.

Footage of the recent bust was shared on social media by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, who has been reporting extensively from the southern border amid a historic migration crisis this year.

“Two Crips gang members from Oklahoma were arrested for human smuggling after [Texas Department of Public Safety] pulled them over in Bracketville, TX while they were driving a U-Haul,” Melugin explained.

“Troopers found several migrants in the back. The smugglers had 3 handguns, two of which were stolen, DPS says.”

In the video, officers can be seen confronting a man presumed to be the driver of the U-Haul after he is pulled over on a two-lane highway in south Texas.

The suspect tells officers he “just dropped a load” in Del Rio, a border city where between 1,000 and 4,000 migrants are illegally entering the U.S. daily, local sources have told Infowars.

The man claims he is driving to San Antonio to drop the truck off before heading to Oklahoma, but an officer notes that the other suspect claimed they were bound for Dallas.

Apparently alerted by the incongruent stories, officers ask the suspect to show them what is in the back of the truck.

The suspect then claims there are people in the cargo area who ‘helped him unload.’

A group of migrants was found in the truck, at least two of whom claimed to be under the age of 18.

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