Watch: Deranged Anti-ICE Leftists Melt Down Over American Flag

'F*ck the Troops,' yells one leftist

A cadre of leftists grew unhinged as a conservative commentator tried to ask why they supported taking down the American flag at an ICE facility in Colorado.

As anti-ICE protests took place across the country, one in Aurora made headlines Saturday after protesters took down the American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag.

Ashley StClair asked a few leftists why they supported removing the flag, and they responded by calling her a racist and a privileged white supremacist.

Watch the Trump Derangement Syndrome morph into full-blown lunacy, violence, profanity, hatred for our troops and more.

“Just left the Aurora ICE facility where protestors took down the American flag and raised a Mexican flag in its place,” StClair says. “One even said I’d ‘be the type of Jew to give other Jews to Hitler.’”

The American flag was replaced later that day.