Watch: EU Parliament Members Call For Freedom, End Of Covid Lockdowns, Censorship & Discrimination

Legendary protest to take place in Brussels, Belgium on Sunday.

Image Credits: infowars.

A trio of European Union Parliament members gave invigorating speeches promoting global freedom and slamming current mainstream Covid measures during a January 13 press conference.

Ivan Sincic, a Croatian MEP, called for demonstrators across Europe to gather in Brussels on January 23rd for a massive protest against censorship, lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

“This is the heart of the European Union,” he explained. “This is where these policies were invented. This is where the digital certificate was invented This is where discrimination and interrogation started. This is where the censorship of science and medicine is supported, unfortunately, and this is where this has to end.”

He continued, “It’s time for scientists to speak, it’s time for doctors to speak, it’s time for an open debate and good solutions in respect to human rights.”

Italian MEP Francesca Donato asked, “Why are so many people being hospitalized and dying in spite of the 90% of Italians being fully vaccinated? Why has the Italian Health Institute not been publishing monthly reports since September 2021? Why don’t people injured by the vaccine get any assistance from the public health service? Why is there no compensation to people who lost their relatives because of Covid vaccines?”

Donato explained that while the left claims the vaccines aren’t mandatory, the current vaccine passport schemes being used across Europe prevent people from working and collecting a salary, which is essential to their survival.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes spoke alongside Sincic and Donato, comparing the current EU to the Iron Curtain of the USSR.

“People cannot protest anymore,” he said. “If they peacefully protest, they will be attacked and brutally beaten by the police. Their basic fundamental rights were stripped away from them by their own governments.”

Next, Terhes asked those listening to think about what direction the EU is heading.

“Clearly what we see right now is under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, EU is transitioning from Democracy to tyranny,” the Croatian MEP said. “I’ve said before that the difference between Democracy and tyranny is simple. When you know everything about your government, that is Democracy. When your government knows everything about you, that is tyranny. Because transparency is one of the key elements that make the difference between Democracy and tyranny.”

He said the second difference between Democracy and tyranny is the respect for fundamental rights.

Terhes continued, “We put it in Constitutions, in treaties, in conventions, that every person has au unique dignity that must be respected and protected by the government. Liberty, freedom, dignity are not rights granted by government, but these are natural rights the governments must protect.”

Watch the full press conference below: