Watch: Firefight Erupts at US-Mexico Border

'War is raging on America's doorstep'

Image Credits: John Moore/Getty Images.

A ‘war is raging’ at the U.S.-Mexico border, warns top investigative journalist Lara Logan, whose team recently filmed a ferocious gun battle during a trip to south Texas.

Logan shared a hair-raising clip from her recent experience reporting on the southern frontier.

“It’s 4 a.m. on the southern border in Texas in the tiny town of Roma,” Logan explains in a voiceover as she races to a vantage point to observe an ongoing firefight.

“We’d arrived with counterterrorism specialist Jason Jones to observe war raging on America’s doorstep.”

As explosions erupt in the distance, Jones identifies one blast as a likely “40mm grenade.”

“It’s real, isn’t it? Right here on our border,” Jones says.

“This is the 4th day of back-to-back gun battles that Border Patrol has heard these things and reported them in.”

In an interview on Monday, Logan warned the drug cartels are running a “shadow government” that is effectively more powerful than the Mexican authorities.

“They are a parallel government, and the Mexican government itself takes its orders from the cartels. They control everything on both sides of the border,” Logan said. “They have people rushing over the border in high numbers now.”

“We are talking about thousands of people who are just running past border patrol agents, and they can’t keep up with the numbers, because they’re waiting for that amnesty.”

Radical policy changes implemented quickly by the Biden administration have already fueled a migration surge at the U.S. southern border, with the situation growing more chaotic by the day.

Thousands of illegal aliens currently in Mexico are discussing a possible mass border rush, as Infowars recently reported, and multiple migrant caravans have already attempted to reach the U.S. from Central America so far in 2021.

Last week, the charred, bullet-riddled bodies of over a dozen Guatemalan migrants were discovered in burning vehicles in northern Mexico.

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