Watch: Fourth of July Message From Alex Jones

Jones was thinking of taping special Independence Day message, but believes this viral video couldn't summarize it better -- warning: graphic language

Image Credits: @titoortiz1999/Instagram.

Alex Jones was prepared to deliver a special Independence Day message to the patriotic viewers and listeners, but believes this viral video from several weeks back could not explain better the situation that stands before America.

Will we be conquered by a bunch of America-hating globalists and their Democrat cohorts, or will we stand up as men and face the enemy head-on and say, “If you want a fight to tear down this country, you’ve got one!”

A man named Tito Ortiz went on a viral tear last month breaking down the epic battle between Trump and the globalist New World Order system currently in its death throes trying to maintain power.

Watch Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew march against unconstitutional masks with hundreds of freedom-loving patriots!

Alex Jones bullhorns Gov. Greg Abbott at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, Texas to let him know that Texans won’t stand for unconstitutional mask orders or arbitrary shutdowns that devastate small businesses while big corporations are allowed to remain open.