WATCH: Guatemalan Security Forces Push Migrant Caravan Back

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Guatemalan security forces used tear gas and batons to push back a migrant caravan attempting to make its way to Mexico and on to the United States. The soldiers and law enforcement lined up three or four rows deep to create a blockade to the migrants’ progress.

A video released by the government of Guatemala shows rows of Guatemalan security forces creating a human barricade to stop a migrant caravan from making its way into the interior of that country.

Another video tweeted by journalist Jody García shows a surge of people pushing their way through the barricade of security forces only to be surrounded and pushed back. Police appeared to use batons and tear gas to overwhelm the crowd and force them back.

The New York Times reports the soldiers and police officers barricaded a road between the Honduras-Guatemala border and the city of Chiquimula. Shortly after sunrise on Sunday, the group attempted to push their way through the security forces.

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