Watch: Heavily Armed Men Storm Mexican Hospital, Abduct Patient Who Was Later Found Dismembered

Victim dragged away on stretcher

Image Credits: Screenshot / Facebook.

Chilling security footage has surfaced from a Mexican hospital where gunmen stormed the facility and dragged off a patient whose body was later found chopped to pieces, according to reports.

The General Hospital of Salvatierra in Guanajuato state was the scene of a shocking kidnapping that left patients and at least one security guard shaken.

More than half a dozen heavily armed “hitmen” can be seen charging into hospital rooms before they haul off a man on a stretcher.

“According to unofficial information, it was Thursday, November 21, when the commandos entered Salvatierra General Hospital to remove a wounded person,” Aristegui Noticias reports. “The sequence shows heavily armed men, who seized a guard and then entered several rooms in search of the injured person.”

“It should be noted that hours after the hospital break-in, the existence of human remains on Torres Landa Boulevard was reported to the Santiago Maravatío emergency system. It was the dismembered body of the man who was taken from the Salvatierra hospital, on white sheets and a blanket, with a message written on a cardboard.”

The gunmen reportedly confiscated the cell phones of staffers to prevent them calling emergency services during the siege, and dragged a security guard around at gunpoint before throwing him to the floor during their escape.

At least two other Mexican hospitals have recently been stormed by armed hitmen seeking to kill male patients who had been admitted with gunshot wounds, according to Aristegui Noticias.

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