Watch: Homeowner Repels Thieves With Motion-Activated Water Sprinkler

Ingenious theft deterrent attracts global attention

Image Credits: Facebook Screenshot.

A California homeowner’s battle against neighborhood thieves has attracted international attention after video of her solution spread virally.

Katie Camarena posted video of an alleged potential thief being driven off her property at night after a motion-activated sprinkler discharged in his face.

“We have been having issues with people coming into our neighborhood to try and steal tools out of vehicles (And anything else they can get their hands on),” Camarena wrote on Facebook on a post containing surveillance footage of the incident.

“Our flood light didn’t seem to scare them off, so we decided to have a little fun with a motion activated sprinkler that has an impressive amount of pressure.”

An unidentified hooded bicyclist can be seen riding up to a pickup truck in a driveway before the sprinkler system activates, shocking the ‘trespasser’ and sending him scrambling away.

Foreign social media users said the video has gone viral in their own countries.

“It’s being shared all over Australia where we have the exact same problem,” wrote one woman. “Thanks for a great idea.”

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