Watch: Hundreds of Travelers Storm Out of Airport Quarantine

Repatriated Ukrainians defy quarantine orders at Kiev airport

Image Credits: VGlagola / Telegram.

A planeload of travelers stormed out of an airport in Kiev, Ukraine, ignoring orders to enter a two-week quarantine after being repatriated from Vietnam.

Some 238 passengers were told they would have to quarantine for 14 days at nearby hotels, at no cost or a $700 charge for upgraded accommodations, according to the Daily Mail.

The group, which had been stranded in Vietnam due to the coronavirus crisis, opted to revolt against the mandate, ultimately forcing their way past medical workers in hazmat suits.

Men can be seen prying terminal doors open before the crowd bursts onto the sidewalk to cheers from bystanders.

“Police and the national guard were called in but they were not much of a help,” said one onlooker.

Officers informed the travelers that they were expected to self-isolate for two weeks.

“There were also reports that passengers on two repatriation flights from Bali staged a sit-in rather than be herded into quarantine at the airport,” the Mail reports.

“One report said they had sat for nine hours on the aircraft.”

Ukraine has 480 confirmed coronavirus cases and 11 related deaths at the time of this writing.

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