Watch: Infowars’ Exclusive Content Inside CHAZ/CHOP

Check out on-the-ground footage and don't forget to share this censored link!

Infowars reporters embedded in Seattle’s CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ, captured exclusive footage from inside the experimental zone.

In the first video, a man wearing a MAGA hat carries an American flag through the “Autonomous Zone,” which is being occupied by left-wing radicals.

Check out another angle of the man’s journey through CHOP below:

Infowars’ man on the ground, Rob, talked with Harrison Smith on War Room to share an inside look at the occupied area.

A CHOP resident even gave Infowars a grand tour of the newly created territory.

Infowars’ second reporter in CHOP, Sam, talked with Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to describe the scene on the ground.

Joey Gibson captured footage of two brave women sharing the gospel with strangers inside CHOP until one man became furious and started screaming at them.

Harrison Smith examined CHOP’s attempt at establishing a government in this War Room segment.