Watch: Journalist Exposes Lawless Streets Of Democrat-Run San Francisco

This is what all of America will soon look like if we continue down the path we're on

Image Credits: sav says youtube.

Turning Point USA journalist Savanah Hernandez released a report Wednesday exposing the tragic state of San Francisco, California as liberal drug and crime policies destroy the once-great city.

America’s open borders are being used by cartels and intelligence agencies to flood the nation with dangerous drugs like fentanyl.

Hernandez was given a tour of some of the Golden Gate City’s worst areas for homelessness and public drug use by a local resident and former drug addict named Ricci Wynn.

Wynn told Hernandez the recent fentanyl frenzy came out of nowhere and that the drug markets have “really flourished in the past couple years” thanks to San Fran policies.

The video also shows how easy it is to get free drug paraphernalia provided by the city like needles, Narcan, sanitary cookers, tourniquets for shooting drugs, saline to cook drugs, and much more.

While the city is quick to hand out supplies to assist junkies in their drug consumption, Wynn said workers had no answer when he asked hypothetically where he could go to get clean.

People on the streets admitted the government is enabling addictions and actually making it harder to get off drugs.