Watch – Kari Lake Vows to Keep Fighting After Maricopa County Certifies Election

'We the people will not forget, God will not forget, and I will not quit.'

Image Credits: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake issued an update breaking down her legal challenges against the state’s botched election.

In a video posted to social media Monday, just hours after Maricopa County supervisors voted in favor of certifying the election results, Lake assured supporters she would continue working to restore election integrity.

“I want you to know that I am firmly in this fight with you,” Lake stated.

“Maricopa County just couldn’t wait to certify their botched election, the botched election where half of Election Day voting centers were inoperable, the botched election where Election Day printers caused mayhem across the county, the botched election where Arizonans were expected to wait in line two, three, four, even five hours simply to exercise their sacred right to vote.”

“Arizonans were told to throw their vote into a drawer, where it might ultimately end up in a plastic bin or a trash bag. Maricopa County, where it took two weeks to count, is the poster child for broken, botched elections. But, if you bring up any of these issues, you are labeled an election denier or a conspiracy theorist,” the Republican firebrand told supporters.

Lake went on to thank supporters who spoke up against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and explained the people’s voices are at stake in any upcoming election.

“Our sacred vote is supposed to be the great equalizer of the people. And right now, our vote has been trampled upon. We must work hard right now to save it. This is our last chance.”

Additionally, Lake said her legal team would challenge the election outcome, as she highlighted several conflicts of interest by her opponent Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election insiders.

So many have expressed concern about Maricopa County’s certification. I agree. This botched election should not be certified, especially in Maricopa County, where the board of supervisors are well aware of the catastrophic issues caused by maladministration of Supervisor Bill Gates and County Recorder Stephen Richer, who started a dark money PAC with the sole purpose of going after me, my campaign, and our movement, while they supervised the election.

Let me repeat that. They ran an election with my name on the ballot, and their number one political goal was to see to it that I was not elected. Can you say conflict of interest? Another member of the Board of Supervisors charged with certifying this botched election has been chosen to be on Katie Hobbs’ transition team. Another conflict of interest. And perhaps the greatest conflict of interest of all: Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the woman in charge of running her own election, who did almost zero campaigning, oversaw the botched election, is now threatening counties with legal action if they do not crown her Governor by certifying the election that she botched.

Lake concluded by warning Hobbs’ team, “We the people will not forget, God will not forget, and I will not quit.”

“My case, our case moves forward with these sham certifications. In fact, state statute requires certification before our case can move forward,” she added.

“You know how hard I worked on the campaign trail leading our movement to bring common sense solutions to our problems. I am taking that same work ethic and using it behind the scenes right now, building a strong legal case. While we come together on this unifying issue of restoring honesty to our elections, rest assured, Arizona, nothing will stop me from putting everything I have into reforming elections here in Arizona and in America.”

In a previous update earlier this month, Lake chastised Hobbs for refusing to recuse herself from her position as Arizona’s top election official, saying, “The fox was guarding the henhouse and because of that voters have been disenfranchised.”

Meanwhile, Cochise County voted Monday to delay certification until an election audit could be conducted, prompting Hobbs’ office to threaten legal action.


Supervisors in Cochise County voted 2-1 to miss the legal deadline and delay the certification of the county results, known as the formal canvass, saying they want more information about whether the machines were properly certified. The Secretary of State’s Office, headed by Hobbs, said it will “use all available legal remedies’’ to compel compliance. And the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans is asking a Cochise County judge to order the board to certify the results by Thursday.