Watch: Liberal College Student Goes Wild, Threatens to Kill Black Conservative

"You're gonna end up f**king dead!" college lefty tells man

A college leftist was filmed violently assaulting a man on the Sacramento State campus simply because he disagreed with his politics.

According to Infowars reporter Kaitlin Bennett, the attacker named Keaton Hill is an LGBT activist and has a history of assault against conservatives at the college.

In the footage, the president of a campus Republican organization, Floyd Johnson, approaches Hill asking him to “leave my friends alone, alright?”

Hill responds in a mocking tone, before taking his camera out to film Johnson, while asking if he’d like to contact the school’s student conduct administrator.

“There’s nothing wrong with this. What have I done?” Johnson says.

“You’re harassing me,” Hill responds, before launching a violent attack on Johnson.

Hill attacks Johnson at least two more times, before shouting at him, “You’re gonna end up fucking dead!”

According to Bennett, Hill was involved in an online altercation on social media the previous day, where he reportedly wished death on a child with cancer.

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