Fauci Begins Wearing Mask, As President Trump Announces Major Vaccine Push: Watch Live!

Trump has stated he's open to idea of military distributing COVID-19 vaccine

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

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It’s Official: Covid-19 Is A United Nations, World Government Fascist Takeover of Humanity

Once world government is in place, the orderly extermination of humanity will be carried out by the AI genocide grid

Tune in as we lay out how the AI grid, mass surveillance, social media censorship and the decades-old technocratic agenda all fit together to usher in an era of world population control. Share this link:

David Knight Show: America’s BioWar – Vaccination By Military

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On this Friday edition of The David Knight Show, we’ll discuss the recent revelation that the military will be used to induce Americans with a rushed coronavirus vaccine, the COVID-19 surveillance state, and Constitution-abusing politicians