Watch Live: Dems Attempt to Ban Owen Shroyer From Nation’s Capitol For Reporting on Hoax Impeachment Scandal

Liberal politicians try to get back at reporter for exposing their witch-hunt

Tom Pappert is here to host the War Room on this Wednesday broadcast!

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on the Democrats’ impeachment distraction, the virus spreading around the world that has many worried about a massive outbreak and much more.

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The Alex Jones Show: Secretive Institute Patented Coronavirus Vaccine Recently

Plus Infowars reporters give live coverage on-the-ground in DC as the impeachment trial unfolds. Tune in as we examine the rapidly mutating virus that’s spreading worldwide.

Tune in as we examine the rapidly mutating virus that’s spreading worldwide:

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David Knight Show: Assange, Now Greenwald: The “Crime” Of Journalism

Attacks on free speech escalate as the globalists continue to lose control.

On this Wednesday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll expose the anti-free speech globalists silencing journalists worldwide, the left’s phony climate fearmongering and much more.

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Brazilian federal prosecutors charged Greenwald with cybercrimes after he published a series of articles about leaked cellphone messages from Brazilian government officials, according to The Hill.

The Washington Examiner said there was a distinction between Greenwald publishing the leaks – which is protected journalism – and actively engaging in hacking to obtain the information.

“Too many liberal U.S. journalists whine for no reason about how oppressed and attacked they are as a profession. Just on Tuesday with the launch of President Trump’s impeachment trial, some complained about having to go through a metal detector, as if it was some sort of assault of press freedom. Yes, seriously,” reported the Washington Examiner. “But while we rightfully mock such instances of journalistic snowflakery, the sad persecution of left-wing dissident journalist Glenn Greenwald by the authoritarian president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, reminds us that the global threat to press freedom is still very real.”