Watch Live: Witnesses Testify on Michigan Voter Fraud; Thousands of Illegal Votes Counted for Biden in the Dark of Night

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Image Credits: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

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Alex Jones Show: Must Watch Tuesday Live: Top Lawyers Advise Trump to Declare “Martial Law,” Hold New Election

Tune in NOW as we reveal the latest developments in election fraud. Attorney Lin Wood says President Trump should enact “limited martial law” to hold a new presidential election without fraud:

Read Lin Wood’s statement below:

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David Knight Show: Atlas Gone, Birx & Fauci Ramp Up Holiday Fear

On this Tuesday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine the ramping up of COVID hysteria as Trump coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas resigns.

Knight will also interview author Glenn Sunshine about his latest book, “Slaying Leviathan,” to learn about how Christians can fight back against big government.

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