Pandemic Over! CDC Adjusts Number to 10,000 COVID Deaths – Monday Live

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Alex Jones Show: Global Bombshell! CDC Officially Calls Covid-19 a Hysteria-Driven Hoax

Federal agency now says 94% of people who died had serious pre-existing “morbidity” issues and 90%+ of tests are ‘false positives’

Tune in to hear this bombshell news: the CDC is now forced to admit that Covid-19 isn’t anywhere near as severe as the government – and the globalist puppet masters – led you to believe:

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David Knight Show: CDC Admits Only 9,000 Have Died From COVID Alone
Also, massive marches take place in Berlin/London

It’s Monday! On this broadcast of The David Knight Show, viewers and listeners will learn about the CDC’s admission that only 6% of alleged COVID deaths had no alternative underlying issues.