BLM Protester Nearly Dies After Confederate Statue Falls On His Head: Watch Live

Meanwhile, Seattle anarchists running out of provisions in self-proclaimed autonomous zone - share this link and tell others to tune in!

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Alex Jones Show: It’s Official: COVID-19 is the Biggest Hoax in History – Now the Perpetrators Must be Punished

Alex Jones will be breaking bombshell intel that not only the crisis was a hoax, but how tens of thousands were purposefully killed to create a death count!

Watch and share this Thursday edition of the most banned broadcast in the world! Do not miss today’s show!

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David Knight Show: Civil War 2.0 – Anarchy Escalates

Seattle chosen to lead next phase as they did first phase.

On this Thursday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll continue following the destruction of America as Trump and every other Republican sits back while the left tears down monuments and declare anarchy in major cities.

The asymmetric warfare used by U.S. intelligence agencies to dismantle other countries is now being used domestically.