Friday Live – Big Tech Censorship Backfires Big Time

Harrison Smith hosts this exclusive, Friday edition of Infowars’ 2020 Election Countdown.

Biden Scandal Deepens As More Emails And Images Are Turned Over To FBI And Business Associates Coming Forward – Friday Live!

Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT.

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Alex Jones Show: Trump’s Total Destruction of Joe Biden Just Guaranteed His Re-Election

Tune in for this must-watch broadcast as Alex Jones predicts Trump’s re-election – but the Deep State has a trick up its sleeve…

Tune in NOW as Alex Jones covers last night’s incredible debate performance by Donald J. Trump and why he will easily win re-election in a fair election:

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David Knight Show: “Dark Winter” Slip? Biden Alludes to 2001 Pandemic Exercise

It’s Friday! On this exclusive edition of The David Knight Show, viewers will learn about a 2001 exercise where the U.S. simulated a pandemic to develop strategies now being used for COVID-19.

The name of the operation was “Dark Winter,” which Joe Biden referred to during the final presidential debate of 2020.

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