Watch Live: Astronauts Set to Take Flight as Small Businesses Crater

The Space Race is on! Meanwhile main street struggles to wake from its globalist-induced coma. Watch & spread the live link below!

Image Credits: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

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Alex Jones Show: Trump Vows to “Shut Down” Big Tech Censors + Smoking Gun Proof Cuomo Deliberately Killed 5,000 People

With 159 days until the election, the gloves are off and the real fight has started! Watch & spread the live link below!

Don’t miss this bombshell Wednesday edition of the most banned broadcast in the world! Tune in!

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David Knight Show: Day 72 – There’s Either Free Speech For All Or No Free Speech At All

From liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to President Trump, nobody is safe from Big Tech censorship

On this Wednesday broadcast of The David Knight Show, you’ll receive updates on today’s top news, including Twitter’s battle with President Trump, the Minneapolis cop who killed a man by pinning his knee on the suspect’s neck, the upcoming food shortage and much more.

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