Antifa Violently Attacks Police, Trump Supporters At Free Speech Rally in DC

Far-left vowed to bring violence at 'Demand Free Speech' event despite heavy police presence

Image Credits: Antifa Violently Attacks Police, Trump Supporters At Free Speech Rally in DC.

Conservatives from all over have gathered in Washington D.C. Saturday to demonstrate in support of free speech, but far-left Antifa terrorists have vowed to bring violence against them.

The “Demand Free Speech” rally, which featured a who’s-who of conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, Jack Posobiec, and others, is taking place at Freedom Plaza just blocks from the White House, and the police established a heavy presence in anticipation of far-left violence.

Antifa had amassed their troops around the event carrying full backpacks, with video footage capturing members intimidating Trump supporters and trying to prevent them from defending their First Amendment rights.

The Antifa freaks of course brought their best and brightest, with some clad in drag clothes, while another couldn’t figure out how to burn his American flag.

Attendees reported a heavy police presence in the area to prevent violent clashes between Trump supporters and Antifa, especially after Antifa’s brutal attack against journalist Andy Ngo last week.

Antifa members also threatened acid attacks in forums against participants leading up to the event.

Naturally, the mainstream media is careful not to mention Antifa disrupting the event, even after they nearly beat Ngo to death in Portland, Oregon.

Stewart Rhodes gives his take on the leftist support and call for violence and terrorism to force an authoritarian fascist takeover of America.