Must Watch: It’s Official! Epstein Blew A Giant Hole In The Globalist Satanic Ecosystem That Cannot Be Repaired

D.C. pedophile networks outed, Dems caught rigging election machines nationwide, Trump declares we're kicking the NWO's ass and more -- watch live!

Image Credits: drnadig/Getty Images.

Alex Jones breaks down how pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is the nail in the coffin of the globalists’ New World Order scheme as more details and revelations unravel about the media’s protection of those close to him. Jones also explains the latest revelations by a whistleblower who leaked documents suggesting the Kentucky gubernatorial election was stolen.

Whatever you do, don’t take action, don’t share this link, just do what Mark Zuckerberg and other globalists want you to do, roll over and die and don’t forget to leave your children behind for them too!

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