DeAnna Live! Giuliani Confirms Pedophilia on Hunter Laptop – House of Cards is Coming Down!

Press the attack! Restore the republic! Free the world!

Join DeAnna Lorraine for coverage of the “laptop from hell” on this LIVE Thursday edition of 2020 Election Countdown Take Back America.

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War Room: President Trump Says More Coming From Biden Laptop At Massive Rally In Florida

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Alex Jones Show: Victory! Victory! Victory! Intel Report: Chicom/Deep State Network Collapsing Worldwide

Highest-level intel sources confirm to Infowars that enemy forces are panicking and are collapsing ahead of the election

President Trump is well on his way to win a fair election, but Chicom-controlled Dems are maneuvering to contest the election and cause chaos within the United States.

But the Chicoms have been winding down their espionage operations inside the United States because they’re losing ground, especially after the Hunter Biden laptop expose. It’s worth pointing out that the Chicoms were, in turn, being used as cat’s paws by globalist elites who are trying to unravel the United States as a world superpower.

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David Knight Show: Epidemic of TESTING, Pandemic Of Global ID & Tracking

On this Thursday edition of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine inflated COVID numbers and the globalist agenda to track and control humanity.

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