Watch: Obama Sh*ts Himself as His Role in Spygate is Revealed

Documents show several high level Obama officials involved in spying on Trump admin

Owen Shroyer breaks down the Obamagate controversy as new documents prove top Obama officials were aware of spying on the incoming Trump administration. Tune in to this LIVE Wednesday edition of War Room, broadcast weekdays from 3-6 p.m. CT.

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Alex Jones Show: Global Bombshell!!! WHO Confirms Sterilants Added to Vaccines Globally

Tune in to the Alex Jones Show and discover the public plan to sterilize, poison humanity – and how to fight back!

Tune in as we uncover the plot to reduce birthrates even further in the West and why you can’t trust the WHO, which has emerged as China’s global mouthpiece. Share this link!

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David Knight Show: Fauci Admits Vaccines May Not Work, Could Make Covid Worse

Also, learn about sterility vaccines

On this Wednesday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we enter day 58 of America’s coronavirus lockdown.

Knight will cover Fauci’s recent admission that a COVID-19 vaccine may not even work and that it could even make the virus worse.

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