Roger Stone Responds to Latest Polls Showing A Trump Landslide: Livestream

Democrats banking on COVID lockdowns stopping Trump Train momentum - tune in live and share the link!

Image Credits: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images.

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Alex Jones Show: Australia Has Fallen to UN Control, Mass Arrests Beginning!

The UN is now exerting its control over the global Covid-19 response, borders, self-defense & more! This is a takeover

Tune in as we reveal how the globalists are using Covid-19 to wage war against the nation states:

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David Knight Show: Injecting Politics – The Cynicism of Operation Warp Speed & Politicization of Medicine

Share this censored link to join Infowars in the fight for free speech

On this Wednesday edition of The David Knight Show, your host exposes the tyranny coming for America as a video out of Australia shows a pregnant woman being arrested for planning an anti-mask protest on social media.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera going to a beauty salon without a mask despite mandatory mask laws in California and the fact that hair salons are supposed to be closed, according to the state’s COVID lockdown “rules.”