Watch Live: Shelley Luther Released from Jail after Texas Pushes Back Against Corrupt Obama Judge

Democrat judge ordered beautician jailed for 7 days for violating lockdown order

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Alex Jones Show: Bill Gates Announces World Government Will Forcibly Inoculate Entire Planet

Meanwhile, Gates also says China Good, America Bad Amid Coronavirus Response

Tune in as we reveal the true agendas driving the global response to the coronavirus:

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David Knight Show: It’s All About Control – Virus of Mass Destruction Ushers In New Era

Same media who pushed WMD’s now using coronavirus to push agenda

On this Wednesday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll explain how the government and media lies surrounding coronavirus are similar to the lies the same groups used to push America into the Iraq war.

When will the rest of the country realize the establishment is using propaganda to manipulate them into submitting to a system of total control?