BREAKING: Shelley Luther Released From Jail After Infowars Protest

Salon owner was sentenced to serve seven days in jail for violating lockdown orders.

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Alex Jones Show – Hollywood/Globalists Publicly Admit Lockdown Designed to Depopulate Planet, Collapse Capitalist Countries

Tune in to learn about the next phase of their planetary takeover – and how to stop it!

The agendas behind mandated lockdowns are coming into full view. Find out what this means for humanity in this unprecedented broadcast you won’t find anywhere else, since it’s been banned by those who don’t want you to watch and share this link:

David Knight Show: Lockdown Day 52 – GOP Brings Sanctions Against Small Business

Politicians continue treating the people like garbage

On this Thursday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll explain how Republicans are failing to protect the right of American citizens while trying to place the blame on Democrats.

In reality, both parties are trampling on the Constitution in the name of COVID-19 safety.



Infowars’ livestream is down, so CLICK HERE to go to The David Knight Show live link.