Watch Live: Radical Left Preparing to Overthrow Election As Biden Scandal Escalates

Join DeAnna Lorraine as she breaks down the nation’s hottest issues just days before the election!

Image Credits: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty.

On this live Wednesday edition of Election Countdown 2020, host DeAnna Lorraine covers breaking revelations in both the Trump and Biden campaigns as well as details from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that the mainstream media and Big Tech are fighting to keep hidden! Tune in:

War Room: Democrats & Big Tech Announce Plans To Censor President Trump On Election Day

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Owen Shroyer breaks down the Senate Judiciary Committee’s grilling of Big Tech over its censorship of the Hunter Biden story.

Alex Jones Show Global Exclusive: More Than 40 News Organizations Now Have Hunter Biden Laptop & Confirm Pedophilia

Alex Jones has conferred with top journalists, individuals very close to the president/US intelligence agencies & will deliver the motherload of information set to destroy the Deep State forever

HUGE bombshells that will upend globalism are about to drop NOW:

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David Knight Show: Militarization Of Vaccinations Via Operation Warp Speed

On this Wednesday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine America’s Operation Warp Speed vaccination agenda that involves the military.