Democrat Riots Spread as Fake Pandemic Dies Off – Watch Live!

Leftists appear to have dropped their COVID-19 social distancing hysteria in favor of protests

Image Credits: Justin Heiman/Getty Images.

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Alex Jones Show: As America Plunges Into Full Martial Law, Learn What’s Coming Next – Watch Live!

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Tune in NOW to discover what’s the immediate next step in the ongoing unrest fueled by globalists trying to hijack America:

David Knight Show: Next Phase – Marxists Riot As Day 78 Of Gov’t Looting Jobs And Businesses Continues

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Tune in to this Tuesday transmission of The David Knight Show: Monday night wasn’t much different from the weekend in terms of the violent riots taking place in over one hundred cities across the nation. As anarchists, communists and all-around troublemakers continue to wreak havoc on America’s infrastructure, the government continues oppressing businesses in the name of coronavirus safety.

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