Tuesday Live! President Trump Inks Massive Peace Deal that will Change the Course of World Peace

Meanwhile, stumbling Joe Biden's creepy, gropey behavior called out by Trump with #PedoBiden tweet - share this link!

Tom Pappert and Harrison Smith join Owen Shroyer on this LIVE Tuesday edition of War Room, transmitting weekdays from 3-6 p.m. CT.

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Confirmed: Soros Main Funder of Antifa Terrorist Groups Worldwide, Plus BLM Pledges Allegiance to Satan

Also, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny covers the dangers of vaccines and the coming forced inoculations – tune in!

Today’s show includes special guest Bishop Larry Gaiters who is revealing the satanic manipulation of black people through globalist organizations like BLM. Watch & share this bombshell edition of the most banned broadcast in the world!

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David Knight Show: Plandemic Film Team Exclusive Interview

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On this Tuesday transmission of The David Knight Show, your host is back! Thanks to Harrison Smith for guest hosting recently. On today’s program, Knight will talk with financial analyst David Martin and filmmaker Mikki Willis from the hit documentary “Plandemic.”

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