#MaidenGate! Dems Using Women’s MAIDEN Names to Cast Multiple Votes For Them?

Image Credits: Bloomberg Creative / Getty Images.

DeAnna Lorraine breaks down the latest Democrat election fraud scheme dubbed “MaidenGate”, where women’s votes are allegedly being cast under their maiden name in different states without their knowledge.

War Room: Watch Live: Stop the Steal Caravan Races On To Victory!

Harrison Smith and others break down how Trump can still triumph in the face of adversity.

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Alex Jones Show: DOJ Launches National Probe of Democrat Election Fraud / UN Announces Permanent Lockdown

Roger Stone, Paul Joseph Watson & others will join Alex Jones to break down Trump’s path to victory against globalist forces

The time is NOW for you to defend your vote and to defend fair elections:

Support President Trump: Join The Stop The Steal Caravan

Now is the time for you to stop being a mere spectator. Now is the time for you to be an active participant in the restoration of the republic, peacefully and lawfully.

David Knight Show: POTUS & Patriots Fight Back Against Deep State Election Theft

On this Tuesday edition of The David Knight Show, we’ll follow the latest on Trump campaign lawsuits around the country, the rush to vaccinate America and more.