Friday Live: Democrat Riots Continue as Biden Signals Illegal Removal of President Trump

Deep State pulling out all the stops, as Democrats lose control of narrative - Spread this link to wake others!

Owen Shroyer hosts this Friday edition of War Room, coming to you LIVE weekdays from 3-6PM CT.

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Alex Jones Show: Biden Says Military May Launch Coup Against Trump & Bolton Strikes

The United States is now officially in a civil war with globalist forces – choose a side & get involved!

The desperate Deep State is doing everything it can to remove President Trump from office and to discredit any populist movement from rising worldwide. They can succeed if people get too complacent:

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David Knight Show: Revolution? Clueless In Seattle, But Beware of Police Nationalization & Robocops

The riots and looting America has witnessed over the past few weeks has set a dangerous precedent

On this Friday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll look into President Trump’s options regarding the autonomous zone in Seattle, the future of policing, where the government’s COVID cash went and much more.

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