Cracks in the Dam: Obamagate and the Coming Flood

Trump ramps up efforts to take down Deep State coup plotters - watch live and share!

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Alex Jones Show: World Exclusive! mRNA Vaccines Constitute an ‘Alien’ Nanotech Takeover

Vanderbilt researchers describe the process as nanotech viruses taking over every cell in the human body

Tune in as we uncover the nanotech technology being introduced during the coronavirus takeover of the globe:

Also tune in above as David Knight, an engineer by trade, joins Alex Jones to reveal the inter-workings of this technology and what it means for the future of humanity!

David Knight Show: Rise Of The Oath Keepers

To save America, our leaders must obey the Constitution

On this Wednesday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll look at America’s last line of defense; officials who stay true to their Constitutional oaths.