Watch Live: Democrats and Liberals Call for the Canceling of the Star Spangled Banner

Liberals want to replace National Anthem with 'Lean on Me' - you can't make this up... Spread this link!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Lynne Gilbert.

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Alex Jones Show: Trump Takes Control of Covid-19 Task Force After Discovering WHO/Chicom Plot

Tune in as we discover the safest, rural locations in the US and as we reveal what’s going on at the White House:

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David Knight Show: Scam! Common Cold Tests POSITIVE For COVID, Less Lethal Than Last TWO Flu Seasons

Americans need to prepare for an underground economy & society

On this Wednesday edition of The David Knight Show, viewers will be exposed to coronavirus information you’ll never hear on mainstream media.

From the truth behind inflated COVID-19 data to the details of the globalist endgame, this censored broadcast covers news America needs to know.