Watch Live: Democrats Come Out As Chinese Communist Agents And Blame Trump For Coronavirus

Dems aim to sow division, rather than unite behind president in time of crisis

Image Credits: @CNNSotu/Twitter.

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Alex Jones Show: Fox News’ John Roberts Reveals COVID-19 Low Mortality Rate on Hot Mic

Tune in as we witness the growing backlash against government lockdown orders

Fox News’ White House Correspondent John Roberts was caught on tape talking to his technician about Covid-19’s low mortality rate, according to a recent California study which states that it’s only 0.1% to 0.3%.

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David Knight Show: The Answer To 2020 Is 1776

Without a revolution, the elite aren’t going to give the power back to the people

On this Wednesday edition of The David Knight Show, listeners will receive the latest coronavirus updates, learn about the economic warfare being waged on the country and much more.

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