Watch Live: Cuomo Announces April 1st The Peak of Coronavirus

There's light at the end of the tunnel - Tune In Now!!

Image Credits: Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Harrison Smith breaks down how COVID-19 cases appear to be dissipating on this LIVE Monday edition of War Room. Author and robotics expert Cyrus Parsa joins the show today, along with author Brenden Dilley. Catch War Room weekdays Monday-Friday 3-6PM CT.

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Alex Jones Show – Bombshell! Watch Live: Trump Warns Covid-19 Vaccine Kills More People Than The Outbreak

There’s too many mutations of Covid-19 for a vaccine to even work effectively!

How is a Covid-19 vaccine supposed to work when there’s numerous strains and mutations of the virus? It’s the ineffective flu shot 2.0, but this time it’s ushering in world government in which you’re being told to wear ‘immunity bracelets’ to do business and travel. Please share this important broadcast!

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David Knight Show: Tyranny, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing America

Spread this censored broadcast while you can!

On this Monday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll continue to examine the erosion of the Constitution as local, state and federal governments abuse their power in the name of COVID-19.

Also, a heated debate revolving around hydroxychloroquine is brewing in The White House, and Italy enters Phase 2 of the fight against coronavirus.


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