WATCH LIVE: Trump Drops Massive Pre-Debate Bombshell; Goes On Offensive

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WATCH: Eyewitness To The Biden’s Corruption Drops Bombshells Before Final Debate

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War Room: Joe Biden Ineligible to Run! Caught Red Handed in Million Dollar Deals with China; Media Blackout

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Alex Jones Show – The Gloves Are Off! Biden Insider Confirms Authenticity of Hunter’s Laptop

It’s 2016 all over again as real evidence of Deep State corruption is exposed right before an election

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David Knight Show: Which Vaccine Killed the Volunteer, Warp Speed or Control Vaccine?

Media doubles down on safety claims after latest vaccine death

On this Thursday edition of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine the death of an individual who took an experimental COVID-19 vaccine and the media’s spin on the tragedy.

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