WATCH: MAGA Protesters in Michigan Drown Out CNN Reporter With “CNN Sucks!” Chant

Image Credits: screenshot/CNN.

A CNN reporter was mercilessly heckled by a group of Trump supporters in Lansing, Michigan on Monday.

As CNN reporter Dianne Gallagher was attempting to “report” on Michigan’s election results debacle, a group of men wearing Make America Great Again hats shouted “CNN sucks!” “Fake news!” and “Four more years!”


“You can tell there are some protesters out here who do not want them to certify that election,” Gallagher said as the protesters shouted. “So if you can still hear me over the loudspeakers here, basically there are four members of the Board of Canvassers.”

After that point her words were basically drowned out by the MAGA hecklers.

“Can you just do us a favor, Dianne, and just hold up your microphone a little closer to your mouth?” asked anchor Brianna Keilar.

This isn’t the first time CNN was shouted down during their fake news reporting.

In September, CNN reporter Ariane de Vogue was trying to explain to anchor Wolf Blitzer Amy Coney Barrett’s impending nomination to the Supreme Court, but was drowned out by hecklers in the background repeatedly shouting, “CNN IS FAKE NEWS!”

The American people are waking up to the fact that CNN is not in the business of informing, but misinforming and misdirecting.

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