Watch: Man Exposes Ridiculous COVID Double-Masking

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

A TikTok user is going viral after heading outside in snowy weather to demonstrate how far water vapor particles travel when wearing different numbers and styles of face masks.

Considering COVID-19 is said to travel on respiratory droplets, this visual representation amid the freezing cold shows just how much air escapes commonly worn masks.

First, the man put on a three-ply hospital mask and released air before putting on a second hospital mask and doing the same.

In both instances, a cloud of smoke can be seen billowing from behind the face coverings.

Wearing one or even two cloth masks resulted in a similar large cloud escaping.

Despite there being no proof wearing two masks helps stop the spread of COVID-19, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci said Tuesday, “It makes common sense.”

“The reason they don’t recommend it right now, it’s a science-based organization, the CDC,” Fauci added. “They make recommendations based on data and science, so that’s why they’re going to look at that particular issue.”

On Sunday, infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm warned against double-masking, saying, “If you add on another mask, you may actually make it tougher for the air to move through the two-cloth area, and then at that point it causes more air to actually leak around the sides, which actually enhances your ability to get infected.”

The host of Infowars’ War Room, Owen Shroyer, recently tested the limits of face mask safety by placing an excessive amount of protective gear over his mouth and nose.

When Infowars produced the following satire video in July, we didn’t know how accurate our mockery would become.

Then, we mocked those who wear masks in their cars, and now the Biden administration has made it mandatory on any public transportation.

Then, we joked about someone wearing two face coverings, and now it’s being promoted by America’s top health officials.

America is rapidly turning into a society resembling the 2006 cult film “Idiocracy.”